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In a Vase on Monday: Marigolds for Autumn Color

Just good old fashioned marigolds but makes a great fall flower for the vase. Have been saving the seed each year and planting again until I forget where they originally came from. Easiest flower for saving seed. #inavaseonmonday



In a Vase on Monday: Rudbeckia ‘Cappucino’

When a flower is more than the vase, here is Rudbeckia ‘Cappucino’ grown from seed in my Virginia garden for today’s #inavaseonMonday. Seed courtesy of Renee’s Garden.

In a Vase on Monday: Passion Flower

For #inavaseonMonday, my passion flower vine is blooming but the short stems make it hard to put in a large vase so I picked this small glass vase. A lot of symbolism has been attributed to this flower, which produces an edible fruit.

In a Vase on Monday: Small Flowered Zinnias and a Surprise Herb

I like to grow different types of zinnias each summer, particularly old-fashioned species. This year I grew a yellow-flowered Peruviana (Zinnia peruviana) and multi-colored Persian Carpet (Zinnia haageana). Tucked in this arrangement is a yellow-flowered herb, can you guess what it is? Here is a clue: This herb grows as a tangled perennial in my zone 7 Virginia garden and is just now blooming in July. #inavaseonmonday