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In a Vase on Monday: Mums in Pumpkins


desktop arrangement: small chrysanthemums in a little pumpkin

In a Vase on Monday: Marigolds for Autumn Color

Just good old fashioned marigolds but makes a great fall flower for the vase. Have been saving the seed each year and planting again until I forget where they originally came from. Easiest flower for saving seed. #inavaseonmonday



In a Vase on Monday: Salvia and Persian Carpet Zinnias

Persian carpet zinnias (Zinnia haageana) are one of my favorite annuals. Their yellow, orange, red, and burgundy colors appear in different patterns on each flower. These flowers provide a great contrast to the purple salvia ‘Rockin’ Playin’ the Blues’, a new Proven Winners introduction. #inavaseonMonday

In a Vase on Monday: Rudbeckia ‘Cappucino’

When a flower is more than the vase, here is Rudbeckia ‘Cappucino’ grown from seed in my Virginia garden for today’s #inavaseonMonday. Seed courtesy of Renee’s Garden.

In a Vase on Monday: Passion Flower

For #inavaseonMonday, my passion flower vine is blooming but the short stems make it hard to put in a large vase so I picked this small glass vase. A lot of symbolism has been attributed to this flower, which produces an edible fruit.

In a Vase on Monday

Here is a small container of summer blooming flowers from my Virginia garden for #inavaseonMonday. Can you guess the herb that is tucked inside?

In a Vase on Monday: Small Flowered Zinnias and a Surprise Herb

I like to grow different types of zinnias each summer, particularly old-fashioned species. This year I grew a yellow-flowered Peruviana (Zinnia peruviana) and multi-colored Persian Carpet (Zinnia haageana). Tucked in this arrangement is a yellow-flowered herb, can you guess what it is? Here is a clue: This herb grows as a tangled perennial in my zone 7 Virginia garden and is just now blooming in July. #inavaseonmonday