Married with two teenagers in Northern Virginia and working in an office in Montgomery County, MD. Graduated from Virginia Tech with a horticulture degree and have been involved in horticultural communications for more than 20 years. Written more than 70 articles for magazines such as Horticulture, The American Gardener, Chesapeake Home, Early American Life, and Virginia Gardener. When living in MD, was an active member of the Maryland Horticultural Society and wrote articles for the newsletter. For Brookside Gardens, developed and presented a workshop and handout entitled “Newcomer’s Guide to Gardening in the Metropolitan Area” and developed a hands-on workshop on plant propagation. As a member of the Potomac Unit of the Herb Society of America, have solicited ideas and experiences from members and wrote articles for the newsletter on specific herbs. Facilitated a garden club at my office for several years. Currently, am a member of the Garden Writers Association and the Potomac Unit of the Herb Society of America. Write articles for the Herb Society of America’s blog and continue to write for magazines on a free-lance basis. My typical suburban yard in Northern Virginia is a mix of perennials, annuals, shrubs, herbs and edibles — always trying something new. Follow me on Facebook (facebook.com/pegplant), Twitter (@pegplant.com), Instagram (instagram.com/pegplant) and LinkedIn.

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  1. Thank you for the publicity for National Garden Bureau.


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