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March Pegplant’s Post Giveaway: Zanfel for Poison Ivy

The giveaway for the March issue of Pegplant’s Post is two packages of Zanfel, each package has a one-ounce tube. Zanfel is for urushiol-induced contact dermatitis and is sold at local drugstores. Urushiol is the toxin know to cause the itching and rash associated with poison ivy, oak, and sumac. The cream is used to wash away poison ivy, oak, and sumac from the skin and to relieve the itching. This is a good product to have if you are an avid gardener or hiker, just in case you come into contact with these types of plants. Now is the time to get ready for the gardening season!

This giveaway opportunity is for subscribers of Pegplant’s Post, an online, free gardening newsletter for the Washington DC metro area. Each issue provides 50 to 100 gardening events; newly published gardening books; local tips, advice, and articles; and a monthly giveaway contest.

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