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Subscribe to Pegplant’s Post Gardening Newsletter, a free monthly newsletter about gardening in the DC metro area. Enter your e-mail here to subscribe so you can get a list of more than 50 local gardening events, recently published gardening books, articles, and tips specific to this area. Pegplant’s Post Gardening Newsletter always has a giveaway, an opportunity to win a free plant or gardening-related product. For the upcoming December 2022 issue of Pegplant’s Post, the giveaway is the Weeder Glove Spa Gift Set: a pair of floral nitrile weeding gloves and a bar of gardener’s hand soap from Womanswork. Both are decorated with the pretty “Garden of Paradise” floral pattern inspired by English gardens. This giveaway opportunity is for subscribers only so enter your email now.

Womanswork is a New York based, woman-owned company that has been in business for more than 35 years. The business started when it was impossible for women to find gloves that would fit their hands better than smaller versions of men’s gloves. Womanswork has been passionate about creating the best products available for women who garden and work outdoors. They designed the first leather work gloves for a woman’s hands and now sell a variety of work or gardening gloves. They also sell gardening tool holsters and aprons, hats, hand creams, soaps, and gardening tools. They have a website, blog, and newsletter and publish a free catalog.