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Pegplant’s Post May Giveaway: Foxgloves Gardening Gloves

I have been using Foxgloves gardening gloves for years now; currently I have three pairs. They fit like surgical gloves so I am able to grasp small seedlings and wiggle my hands under the soil to pull out stringy weeds. Mine are the Originals, wrist-length and made of cotton. They are very comfortable in the summer, they do not make my hands sweaty like plastic does. Plus, I can wash the dirt out in the washing machine and hang the gloves up to dry.

Foxgloves were designed by a woman horticulturist and landscape designer/architect. She was searching for a glove that would protect her hands without impeding her sense of touch. She liked the way the old-fashioned, elbow-length silk gloves fit but knew the delicate material would not last and could not be washed. Using Supplex® nylon and Lycra® elastane, she was able to create a strong yet snug fabric. In 1999, she launched her glove business with the Foxgloves Originals. Since then she has designed different types of gloves and other gardening products.

The giveaway for the May issue of Pegplant’s Post is one pair of the Foxgloves Originals. The winner can pick the size and one of 8 muted colors. Only subscribers can enter to win the giveaway so subscribe now to Pegplant’s Post, a free gardening newsletter for the Washington DC metro area.