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Enter your e-mail here to subscribe to Pegplant’s Post, an e-newsletter about gardening in the Washington DC metropolitan area. This free monthly communication lists 50 to 100 local gardening events, recently published gardening books, and articles and tips specific to this immediate area. Each issue also features the opportunity to win a free plant or gardening product. For the upcoming March 2020 Pegplant’s Post, one lucky subscriber will win a package of CowPots. This is a combination of one #3 square 12-pack, one #4 square 12-pack, and one #3 six cell 3-pack.

CowPots are made on a third-generation family dairy farm in Connecticut. CowPots are biodegradable, plantable pots made from cow manure but they are odor and peat free. They are an alternative to plastic pots; however, eventually they degrade into the garden soil. Using CowPots provides better root penetration, air pruning, and reduces transplant shock. After you insert your transplant into the CowPot and water, the CowPot will remain intact for about 12-16 weeks, depending on the size. When you plant the transplant in the garden, plant the entire CowPot so the CowPot is buried in the soil. The CowPot will break down in one growing season. I have seen these for sale at the Ace stores in the Washington DC metro area but you also can order them online at Johnny’s Selected Seed, Gardener’s Supply Company, Gardener’s Edge, Territorial Seed, and Southern Exposure Seed Exchange. There are many sizes and styles.