Daffodils Giveaway for Pegplant’s Post Gardening Newsletter Subscribers

Kapiti Peach Daffodil

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For the upcoming October 2023 issue of Pegplant’s Post, subscribers have a chance to win 40 bulbs of four different types of spring blooming daffodils.

John Scheepers Beauty from Bulbs has donated 10 bulbs each from four different daffodils: Kapiti Peach, Eaton Song, Fidan and Littlefield  for a total of 40 bulbs. Daffodils are very easy to plant in the fall and bloom reliably in the spring year after year. These long-lived bulbs are deer and rodent resistant. John Scheepers is a Connecticut-based, family-owned business started by John Scheepers in 1908. Born in the Netherlands, he came to America in 1897 and in the 1900s, his bulb company become known as the premier resource for Dutch flower bulbs in the United States. He is credited for revolutionizing gardening through the wide use of flower bulbs in this country. Today, John Scheepers Beauty from Bulbs is a fourth-generation family business specializing in Dutch flower bulbs. There are two sister companies: the wholesale side, Van Engelen, and Kitchen Garden Seeds which provides vegetable, herb, and flower seeds to gardeners. All have very informative websites. This company is a trusted source for bulbs as well as garden seed.

Eaton Song Daffodil

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All photos courtesy of John Scheepers Beauty from Bulbs website.

Littlefield Daffodil

Fidan Daffodil

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  1. Scheepers is indeed a wonderful company. They have a good variety of excellent seed along with a wide selection of high quality bulbs including an excellent allium collection. Scheepers staff have always been generous with their knowledge (recipes included!) as well as being a local company for southern New Englanders. All good!

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