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Costa Farms is one of the largest horticultural growers in the world. It is a fourth generation, family-run company that started in 1961 when Jose Costa Senior purchased 30 acres to grow tomatoes in the winter and calamondin citrus in the summer. Soon he was growing houseplants and now the company has expanded into annuals, perennials, and tropical plants for the garden. Costa Farms has an upbeat website, full of videos, and all the information you need to grow each houseplant. There is a plant finder to help you locate the perfect houseplant for your needs; a free, subscription-based newsletter; and staff dedicated to answering customers’ plant questions.

Scindapsus ‘Sterling Silver’ is a member of the aroid family, cousin to pothos, philodendron, and monstera. This is an easy to grow houseplant with silvery, heart-shaped foliage. It can be grown as a climbing, trailing, or table-top plant. Prefers bright light, tolerates medium light.

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