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Enter your e-mail here to subscribe to Pegplant’s Post Gardening Newsletter, an e-newsletter about gardening in the Washington DC metropolitan area. Each issue lists local gardening events, recently published gardening books, articles, and tips specific to this area. Pegplant’s Post Gardening Newsletter always has a giveaway, an opportunity to win a free plant or gardening-related product. For the upcoming August 2022 issue of Pegplant’s Post, the giveaway is a Little Dibby. Actually, two Little Dibbys, one for each winner, so we can have two winners this time.

Little Dibby was designed and produced by Sean and Allison McManus, beginner gardeners who help others learn how to garden, build their garden care skills, and strengthen their plant knowledge. They have a website, podcast, videos, articles, and books under the brand name, Spoken Garden. They are all about educating and helping people learn how to garden and they devised an ingenious tool to help with seed starting and transplanting. The Little Dibby is plastic, about 5 inches long and thin, in bright green, blue, white, pink, yellow, or orange. One end is used to plant seeds. It has graduating rings to show seed planting depth, from 1/8 inch to 1 ½ inch. The other end has a spatula or scoop-like shape to gently dig and remove a seedling to transplant. The Little Dibby is so popular that Sean and Allison are now selling through Etsy.

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