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tomatoPegplant’s Post gardening newsletter is a free, local monthly newsletter. Each edition lists between 50 – 100 local gardening events, recently published gardening books, articles, and tips specific to the DC metro area. Enter your e-mail here to subscribe. Pegplant’s Post always has a giveaway, an opportunity to win a free plant or gardening-related product. For the upcoming November 2021 issue, the giveaway is two Kitchen Minis™, one compact tomato and one compact pepper plant to be grown indoors.

The Kitchen Minis™ is a line of tabletop vegetables produced by PanAmerican Seed, a division of Ball Horticultural Company. These are ready-grown, potted vegetables that will provide a harvest for several weeks. They are small enough to put on your kitchen counter. All they need is water and light. They can remain in the container provided or repotted into a decorative container to match your kitchen décor.  Kitchen Minis™ feature a variety of tomatoes, sweet peppers, and hot peppers. The winner will receive one pepper and one tomato plant. Now that winter is coming these are the perfect way to bring gardening indoors as well as to add fresh veggies to your meals.

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  1. I saw your “Gardener’s Christmas” poem from one of your December newsletters. I am responsible for this December’s article in our Hello Acadia newsletter in Calgary, AB. We have a delightful Acadia Community Art and Garden Society of which I am the secretary and also a volunteer. Would it be a problem if I used your delightful poem and tweeked it to fit our garden for the December issue?
    Melody Plummer, Calgary, AB

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