Fall is a Great Time for Planting!


chrysanthemumsFall is a great time to plant shrubs, trees, bulbs, and hardy perennials in the DC metro area. The cooler temperatures, increased moisture, and decreased sun/heat allow the plants to settle in the ground, send out roots, and get established before winter.While the soil is still warm, roots continue to develop until the ground actually freezes so the plant’s energy is devoted to getting firmly settled in the soil, not on developing top growth. The plants you buy now can be planted with minimal stress to them as well as to your wallet. Many garden centers are concerned with moving their inventory, especially the container grown plants that are outside. As winter approaches, discounts increase thus increasing the possibility of finding bargains.

Visit your garden center this month to enhance your landscape, support a healthy environment, and boost your well-being! Here is a list of local garden centers in this area.

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  1. Awesome read. Happy Fall.

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