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Enter your e-mail here to subscribe to Pegplant’s Post, an e-newsletter about gardening in the Washington DC metropolitan area. This free monthly communication lists local gardening events, recently published gardening books, articles, and tips specific to this area. Each issue also features the opportunity to win a free plant or gardening-related product. For the upcoming July 2020 Pegplant’s Post, the first subscriber to e-mail will receive a hat with attached netting to prevent mosquitoes. Designed by Bugbaffler, the one-size-fits-all hat has a green camouflage design and built in netting that can be rolled up or down.

Bugbaffler is an online company that produces insect protective clothing. In 1988, the owners experienced the “buggiest spring on record” and created the first shirt to provide an effective deterrent to bug bites that did not involve insect repellents. Since then, they have expanded their line to include netting for pants, ankle guards, ponchos, hats, maternity and children sizes, and pet products. They design and make the products in their New Hampshire factory.


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