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Garden Bloggers Bloom Day: Zinnia linearis

Septemberingarden2014 078Yellow and white zinnias are blooming for Garden Bloggers Bloom Day, October 15. This particular type, Zinnia linearis, produces many daisy shaped flowers about an inch wide on a foot tall, bushy plant. I grew these from one-year-old seed – I just scattered the seed into the bed in the summer and have been rewarded with flowers ever since in my Zone 7 Virginia garden. Zinnias are annuals that attract the garden friendlies such as butterflies and can be cut for flower arrangements. Best of all, Zinnia linearis is not prone to powdery mildew (which is rampant on my more well-known Zinnia elegans). Sometimes, you will find this species sold as Zinnia angustifolia or narrow leaved zinnia. Try this type of zinnia for abundant flowers and no leaf diseases!