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Learn to Garden with Good Gardening Videos

Gardeners and garden writers can rejoice in a new library of gardening videos. Good Gardening Videos is a campaign to aggregate accurate, reliable videos so gardeners and writers do not rely on videos that have incorrect information, are misleading, and/or are confusing.

Good Gardening Videos was created to identify and promote evidence-based gardening videos and to help so that more accurate videos can be made. The site even has tips and videos on how to make videos. The library consist more than 500 videos organized by topic; all have been screened and found to be useful, watchable, and free of statements contrary to known evidence. They have been produced by a range of experts, including staff at 18 universities with cooperative extension offices. Good Gardening Videos can be viewed on the website and YouTube, which are ad-free; and there is a Facebook and a Pinterest presence. People can sign up to receive e-mails notifying them of updates to the library.

Susan Harris, Founder and Managing Editor, created this non-profit organization as a collaborative effort among horticulturists and garden communicators. She relies on an advisory team of well-known horticulturists and communicators from across the country. A local resident, Susan is a well-known garden writer and teacher who co-founded the team blog Garden Rant, where she continues to post regularly.  Recently she teamed up with Charlie Nardozzi who will serve as the Edibles Editor for Good Gardening Videos. Charlie is a nationally recognized garden writer, speaker, and broadcast personality. He has written several books including Foodscaping and Vegetable Gardening for Dummies and is a spokesperson for the National Gardening Association.

For more information, visit goodgardeningvideos.org or e-mail contact@goodgardeningvideos.org