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Visit Private Gardens in Frederick Maryland Through Garden Conservancy’s Open Day Program

Surreybrooke, photo courtesy of Garden Conservancy

The Garden Conservancy’s Open Day program will have an Open Day in Frederick, Maryland, on Saturday, June 10, from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm, rain or shine. It will include six private gardens and two Experts in the Garden programs. Admission to each garden is $7. Discounted admission tickets can be purchased in advance; tickets never expire and can be used at most Open Days.

High Glenn Gardens, photo courtesy of C. Kurt Holden

Open Days is an annual program where private gardens are open to the public on specific days across the country. This program is produced almost entirely by volunteers. This is the first time there will be an Open Day in Frederick and is a once in a lifetime opportunity to visit these private gardens. Visit the gardens on your own, in any order. Street addresses are available on the website as well as a map to create your route. Proceeds support the Garden Conservancy’s mission of saving and sharing outstanding American gardens for the inspiration and education of the public.

  • High Glen Gardens: Currently a 64-acre, private estate with plans to become a public garden one day. There are 10 acres of formal gardens, a large perennial border, a rose garden, annual beds, a koi pond, greenhouse, Japanese garden, Mediterranean garden, and an English cottage garden. There are newly restored natural areas including a wetland and upland meadow. High Glen Gardens will feature the Experts in the Garden program where Executive Director, Peter Couchman, and staff will offer free, hourly guided tours.
  • Kremers Paradise: Garden has a stone wall lined pool and several small waterfalls. Nearby is a raised cutting garden and a tennis court with mature river birches, cherry trees, London plane trees and a Norwegian spruce.
  • Lillard Residence: Groves of hardwood trees provide a shady retreat. A meandering path serves as an entrance into the garden. There are planters of annuals and succulents and a small pond.
  • Meadow Brook Manor: Two-acre garden planted by plant lovers. A tree lined driveway with thirty kousa dogwoods, beds of vinca, burning bush, barberries, holly and hosta. There is a monkey puzzle tree and cedars and plenty of summer flowers, roses, and alliums. There is a Japanese garden with a koi pond and a night blooming tropical lilies.
  • Winpenny Tell Garden: This is the owners’ country retreat intended to provide solace with a gentle brook, koi pond, and ornamental grasses and perennials to provide seasonal color.
  • Surreybrooke: Surreybrook has extensive gardens and a Civil war era house and outbuildings. Plants will be available for sale.  Surreybrooke will feature the Experts in the Garden program: Nancy Walz and her staff will offer tours throughout the day.