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Happy Valentine’s Day to Winner of Amaryllis Giveaway!

IMG_5769Thank you Longfield Gardens for the opportunity to host the amaryllis giveaway. I enjoyed reading people’s comments so much that I am sharing a few to illustrate how people love to share plants and how plants and gardening gives joy in our lives. Just an FYI, to pick the winner randomly, I wrote names on slips of paper, inserted them in a Valentine’s box, and asked my family (3 people) to draw slips. I then put the three slips back in the box and pulled the final winner. Congratulations Ruth Carolyn Campbell. Send me your address via http://www.pegplant.com. Happy Valentine’s Day!

I would give them to my mom.

While I would love to have 2 more for myself, I would probably send them to my parents. They love amaryllis.

I would keep one for spring beauty and give the other to my daughter for a mad dash of color in her snowy world.

I would plant them and when they were just about ready to bloom, I would give one to each of my two daughters.

I would give these bulbs to my mom. She turns 70 this year and we are having a surprise birthday party for her.

I would keep them as a houseplant by the window – where all I now see is a deep blanket of white outside – that could use some bright color inside for cheery contrast.

I’d plant these for my mother to enjoy.

I would pot one up for myself and the second for my good friend.