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New Kid on the Block: DCGardens.com

There is a new resource for Washington DC area gardeners: DCGardens.com. DCGardens.com is a grassroots media campaign to promote the major DC-area gardens that are open to the public and gardening itself for DC-area residents. Targeting primarily visitors, both local and from out of town, it uses digital images collected of each garden by month and distributes them widely to travel, general and gardening media, both local and beyond.

In addition to images of the gardens by month, DC Gardens will serve as a hub for tours and events and will list gardening and conservation organizations, community gardens, gardening email groups, local gardening media, volunteering opportunities, places to purchase plants, etc.

On March 2, DCgardens.com started an indiegogo fundraising event, with a $25,000 goal. This will fund DCGardens for all of 2015, their “demonstration year.” The campaign will end April 13. See http://www.dcgardens.com to learn more about the site and https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/dc-gardens-beyond-the-cherry-blossoms to learn more about the fundraiser.