Growing Sugar Snap Peas

March is the time to grow peas here in Northern Virginia. In our family we prefer the sugar snap peas where you eat pea and pod together but shelling peas and snow peas are also started during March’s cool weather. Continue reading

Growing Ginger, Turmeric, and Lemongrass in the DC Metro Area


Bunch of lemongrass culms wrapped in plastic

Every year at this time, I visit a local Asian supermarket and pick up a few turmeric and ginger rhizomes and a couple of lemon grass stalks. For a few dollars, you can grow these tropical herbs for the summer. It is important to start early inside as ginger and turmeric have very long growing seasons. It can take 8 to 10 months for the plants to fully develop in order to be able to harvest the rhizomes. Fortunately, they do not need the type of light structures you use to start seeds indoors. Continue reading

Sixteen Indoor Seed Starting Tips

marigoldsGardeners like to start seeds indoors to get a jump start on warm season plants such as tomatoes, peppers, and melons. They also start seeds indoors to be able to grow plants that have a longer growing season than the season in which they live. Before you begin to sow seeds indoors, read these sixteen seed starting tips to have as much success as possible. If you haven’t ordered your seeds yet, here is a list of seed companies. Continue reading

Giveaway for Pegplant’s Post Gardening Newsletter

Pegplant’s Post Gardening Newsletter is a free, local monthly newsletter. Each edition lists between 50 – 100 local gardening events, recently published gardening books, articles, and tips specific to the DC metro area. Enter your e-mail here to subscribe. Pegplant’s Post always has a giveaway, an opportunity to win a free plant or gardening-related product. This is a benefit for subscribers only. For the upcoming March 2022 issue, the giveaway is a $40 gift certificate from Plant Addicts, an online gardening store.

Plant Addicts offers plants, gardening containers, and gardening décor. They have more than 1,700 plants and planters. The website also provides plant care information including a plant care blog, recipes, and a plant holiday calendar. Plant Addicts also developed a “plant addicts anonymous” plant community for both beginners and experienced gardeners. Joining this community provides free plant care information, plant sales, and seasonal tips.

Founded by Richard and Chris in 2017, Plant Addicts is a family-owned business in Nebraska. They started the company to help the world be a better place by encouraging people to grow more plants. They are not plant growers but serve as plant brokers thus they are better able to locate and provide a wider variety of plants as well as gardening accessories and containers. Plant Addicts provides high quality plants and garden décor, direct from the nursery to the customer’s home.

Year of the Peperomia Houseplant


Peperomia ‘Hope’

This year is the year of the peperomia, a tropical houseplant. Actually, it is an “old-fashioned” houseplant, one that has been around for many years. What is new are the many types available now, each uniquely different. In fact, there is such variation in foliage color and structure, if there wasn’t a label on the container, you might not know it is a peperomia. There are only two things each plant has in common: thick, fleshy leaves and flowers that look like rat tails. Grown for its foliage, peperomia is relatively easy to grow, a great houseplant for beginners. Continue reading

Nurseries that Specialize in Bulbs, Rhizomes, Corms, Tubers, Etc.

bulbsA few weeks ago, I shared my list of companies that specialize in seed and asked you to send me companies I did not have so I could expand my list. I received many new companies (thank you!) so I now have 86 seed companies on my website. I thought I would do this for my list of companies that sell ornamental bulbs. These can be the spring blooming bulbs as well as summer plants that are sold by bulbs, tubers, corms, rhizomes, etc.  Those that are edible, i.e., seed potato and garlic, are on the seed list. So send me your suggestions in the comments section so we can expand this list from 19 to 30 at least!

Amaryllis and Caladium Bulb Company, Florida, has catalog and can order online. Sells amaryllis, caladiums, and spring and summer bulbs.

Brecks, Ohio, has a catalog and can order online, states that it ships bulbs directly from Holland

Bluestone Perennials, sells bulbs as well as perennials.

Brent and Becky’s Bulbs, Virginia, has a catalog, can order online, can visit display garden and shop in Gloucester, VA.

Colorblends, Connecticut. Although “wholesale” is in their title and on their website, they do sell bulbs to home gardeners. There is a $60 minimum order. They have an annual print catalog and an online site for ordering. Specializes in spring blooming bulbs.

Dan’s Dahlias, Washington state company that specializes in dahlias.

David Burdick Daffodils and More, Massachusetts, has catalog and website but not able to order online. Has daffodils, trollius, colchicums, and a few other bulbs

Dutch Gardens, Illinois, has catalog and can order online, sells bulbs and perennials

Dutch Grown, Pennsylvania, order bulbs online.

Easy to Grow Bulbs, California, can order online, no catalog. Sells bulbs, succulents, and houseplants.

John Scheepers Beauty from Bulbs, Connecticut, can order online and has catalog. Also has sister company Van Engelen for wholesale bulb orders and a sister company, Kitchen Garden Seeds, for vegetable, herb, flower seeds

Longfield Gardens, New Jersey, can order online but no catalog, sells bulbs and perennials

McClure and Zimmerman, Wisconsin, has a digital catalog and can order online, sells bulbs

Odyssey Bulbs, Massachusetts, online, no catalog, sells unusual bulbs and perennials

Old House Gardens, Michigan, can order online and has a print catalog, known for heirloom bulbs

Plant Addicts is a family owned, online plant store in Nebraska that sells bulbs as well as other types of plants and garden décor. Their website also offers gardening information and resources.

RoozenGaarde and Washington Bulb Company, Washington, has a mailorder and internet division called There is a retail gift shop in WA. Also ships flowers and promotes bulbs as wedding favors.

Telos Rare Bulbs, California, sells bulbs from South Africa, South America, and western U.S., online, no catalog

White Flower Farm, Connecticut, can order online and obtain catalog, wide range of bulbs, perennials, holiday plants, and gardening tools. Has display gardens and store in CT.

Moved to a New Home? Consider This Before You Start Gardening

English ivy

Invasive English Ivy

Recently, a friend of mine and his wife purchased their first home in Montgomery County, Maryland.  Although he is not a gardener, his wife enjoys cooking and could not wait to have a home so she could have the space for a culinary garden. Because it is winter, my housewarming gift was a promise to deliver a dozen herbs and vegetables next year when the weather warms up. I like to grow them from seed and always have enough to share. The other part of my housewarming gift was this: a dozen items to consider before digging up the lawn and installing garden beds. Continue reading

Pegplant’s Post Gardening Newsletter for DC Metro Area

Pegplant’s Post Gardening Newsletter is a free, local monthly newsletter. Each edition lists between 50 – 100 local gardening events, recently published gardening books, articles, and tips specific to the DC metro area. Enter your e-mail here to subscribe. Pegplant’s Post always has a giveaway, an opportunity to win a free plant or gardening-related product. For the upcoming February 2022 issue, the giveaway is a package of three products from Espoma.

The Espoma Company began in 1929 in New Jersey with one fertilizer called Espoma Organic. Today, Espoma is the leading provider of organic fertilizers for the retail lawn and garden industry. Espoma offers more than 70 organic products and manufactures more than 50 million pounds of organic fertilizer per year. Espoma products are found at garden centers and can be ordered online via several virtual store fronts. For more information on Espoma view this video or visit their website.

The giveaway package consists of one bag of all-purpose organic potting mix (8 quart bag), one 8 oz. bottle of indoor organic liquid plant food, and five Bio-Tone starter plus 5 oz. packets. This giveaway is for Pegplant’s Post Gardening Newsletter subscribers only.

List of 70 Seed Companies

seed catalogsThe following are 70 seed companies, including seed potato and garlic bulbs. I would like to grow this list and welcome suggestions. If you know of companies not listed here, please e-mail pegplant at gmail dot com so they can be added. Let’s hit 100!


Seed Companies

3 Porch Farm

Adaptive Seeds

American Meadows

Annie’s Heirloom Seeds

Ardelia Farm (sweet peas)

Baker Creek Heirloom Seed

Botanical Interests


Eden Brothers

Experimental Farm Network

Fedco Seeds

Ferry Morse

Filaree Farm

Floret Flower Farm

Fruition Seeds

Grand Prismatic Seed

Gurneys Seed and Nursery Company

Harris Seeds

Harvesting History

Henry Field’s Seed and Nursery Company

High Country Gardens

High Mowing Seeds

Hudson Valley Seed Library

Irish Eyes

J.L. Hudson, Seedsman

John Scheepers Kitchen Garden Seeds

Johnny’s Selected Seeds

J.W. Jung Seed

Kitazawa Seed Company

Mary’s Heirloom Seeds

Native Seeds

Nichols Garden Nursery

Park Seed

Peace Seedlings

Peaceful Valley Farm and Garden Supply

Pinetree Garden Seeds & Accessories

Prairie Road Organic Seed

Prairie Moon Nursery

Renee’s Garden

Renaissance Farms

Restoration Seeds

R.H. Shumway

Rohrer Seeds

Sample Seeds

Sand Hill Preservation Center

Seeds of Change

Seed Savers Exchange

Seeds from Italy

Select Seeds/Antique Flowers

Sierra Seeds

Siskiyou Seeds

Snake River Seed Cooperative

Southern Exposure Seed Exchange

Sow True Seeds

Stokes Seeds

Sustainable Seed Company

Swallowtail Garden Seeds

Territorial Seed Company

Terroir Seeds

The Maine Potato Lady

Tomato Growers Supply Company

Totally Tomatoes

True Love Seeds

Turtle Tree Seed

Uprising Seeds

Urban Farmer

Vermont Bean Seed Company

Victory Seeds

Wild Garden Seed

Wood Prairie Farm

Appreciate Your Houseplant Today

Small Arrowhead Plant

Today, January 10, 2022, is Houseplant Appreciation Day. To celebrate, consider purchasing one (or all) of these low-light, low-maintenance houseplants. Houseplants should be appreciated — they have a lot to offer us.  Houseplants improve air quality by removing chemicals and carbon dioxide and supplying oxygen. Houseplants provide a positive psychological impact by increasing memory retention and concentration and reducing stress. They add beauty and color and can be used as a structural component to divide a room. Continue reading