DeBaggio’s Herb Farm and Nursery in Chantilly Is Closing

It is sad news that DeBaggio’s Herb Farm and Nursery in Chantilly, VA, is closing. It was a great place to visit for buying herbs and other plants. Because it was far from my home, I would make an annual trek in the spring to buy unusual culinary herbs to try in my garden. Years ago, I used to go to the location in Arlington, home of Francesco’s father, Tom DeBaggio, who started the business.  I have fond memories of picking few quite a variety of herbs in his driveway and bringing my mom and future mother-in-law (must be over 20 years now). I want to wish Francesco and Tammy good luck in their new adventures but I will miss the best herb specialty nursery in the area. I have updated two tabs on my website to reflect this change: the list of nurseries and the culinary herbs resources.

6 responses to “DeBaggio’s Herb Farm and Nursery in Chantilly Is Closing

  1. So sad. I just discovered them last year.

  2. Camilla Luckey

    I too trekked to DeBaggios and wonder if you’ve found a substitute? ANYWHERE?!

    • No I have not in the DC metro area. Now I go to the herb section of nurseries or farmers markets or Asian supermarkets. However, the Potomac Unit of the Herb Society of America has a fundraiser, a herb plant sale at the U.S. Arboretum’s plant sale in April and although cancelled this year because of COVID, see if it will occur next year. Would be on the Friends of the National Arboretum website and the Potomac unit website.

  3. I have a Bay tree in my family room that I bought from Tom when he was in Arlington. (It may have been in one of those dixie cups when I bought it) It’s about 5 feet tall and is still doing well! Love it and have shared many branches with friends and neighbors.

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