Updated List of Local Garden Centers and Nurseries in Washington DC Metro Area

Johnson’s Florists and Garden Centers have announced that they will close their Washington DC location, effective on or before January 14, 2018. They have a letter about this on their website. Their other stores in Olney and Kensington will remain open. Of course they are putting the DC inventory on sale, so you may get good deals. The interesting piece of news is that they are offering a 20 percent discount on items in the Olney and Kensington stores from January 15 through December 31, 2018. You are eligible for the discount if you live in DC and in particular zip codes in Maryland and Virginia (you have to bring identification to prove this). For a list of the zip codes, see their letter on their website but basically they are the zip codes that are located in the Washington DC metro area.

I updated my list of local garden centers to reflect this. I also added two new plant shops in DC and deleted Cravens Nursery in Virginia and Garden World of Virginia, which are not in business anymore.

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